3. Бот для League of Legends

А это быстро? Быстрее некуда! При оформлении в рабочее время, покупка Riot Points занимает всего 5-10 минут.

Leona s sunlight Easter egg Leona s sunlight deals one less damage before calculating MR to champions wearing sunglasses. This includes all Commando skins, Surfer Singed, Classic and Aristocrat Vayne, Vandal Twitch, Vandal Gragas, Safari and Officer Caitlyn, Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Corporate Mundo, Hired Gun Graves and Riot Graves. Vi and Neon Strike Vi take their sunglasses on or off when they use their taunt, and receive this easter egg so long as they are on.

How? I don t know and I don t care, this is hilarious. It was made in collaboration with WhatTheMoose which probably goes some way towards explaining it.

Include character base stats, spells, items, runes and masteries. Up to date free week. League of Legends Guides REGISTER!

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