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The Pentamind is a unique meta-event, which celebrates the best all round games player in the world. Any event at Mind Sports Olympiad can count towards that year s Pentamind, and the player with the highest top five scores is crowned the Pentamind World Champion.This year s Pentamind went down to the wire with Matthew Hathrell leading going in to the last session. Andres took gold in the Lost Cities event which clinched his Pentamind title.

Каждый персонаж относится к своему классу. В игре есть Стрелок, Танк, Джунглер, Маг и Поддержка . Стрелок его роль состоит в том, чтобы наносить большой урон своему противнику.

So I d like to make this the official thread for confirmed giveaways! If anyone can confirm a free giveaway or other promotion, let s post it here! So everyone can be informed and take advantage of the promos!

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