League of Legends / Лига Легенд PC/2011/RU

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Особенности игры: Соблюдение основных концепций DotA. Удобное и гибкое в настройке управление. Игра в системе, подобной Battle.net.

including character s control, combat and special abilities, earning gold, and map orientation. The next chapter introduces would-be Summoners to the world of Fields of Justice, and describes all in-game maps, which serve as battle arenas for the leagues: Summoner s Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss and The Crystal Scar. Another, equally important, part of the guide contains description of types of heroes and details on their role in team .

Ну и конечно где-то в глубине души надеюсь что это Леона, просто риоты решили сделать так чтобы все подумали что это Сивир. Но на деле это будет и правда Сивир. В общем-то должен буду её получить, если вдруг из голда 5 с 0 лп не упаду не играя, ну и там репорты за афк, флейм и прочее не повлияют.

Argentina stayed in the game for about 10 minutes but had no response to their tiredness after that. What was supposed to be the final game between the top candidates was just an almost meaningless game between two disappointed opponents that would rather be somewhere else. It was 96-81 for USA.

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